Choosing your words


“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”Mark Twain

I call "Stephanie" from across the room when the woman's actual name is Samantha. (A long, female name with an "S.")

I tell people to subscribe to "The Silver Spoon" when the name of my favorite restaurant newsletter is "The Knife & Fork." (Eating utensils, obviously!!)

I swear something is happening in May, but it's actually in March. (Both are "M" months.)

Sushi Rock becomes "Rock & Roll Sushi." (They play loud rock music in the restaurant.)

My ability to be close, but not quite right (a la "Andre 2000"), is one of my trademarks. Hanging out and communicating with me is like playing a crazy guessing game where everything appears normal, but is just slightly off.

Perhaps that's why I STILL love the video below (I know it's been around for a while) and why I watch it so often when I go into my Evernote account; I love how a single word can make a HUGE difference.

More important than the humorous mistakes, a single word can make a big difference to people around you.

Just for today,  consider whether what you're saying is making things better for those around you or worse. See if your awareness of words helps you to make different decisions!

Sink about it!

Also, since I didn't have a lightening bug image for this post, I thought a seagull would be "close enough."