Choosing Joy


This fall I overheard one of my all-time favorite exchanges between my son (J) and daughter (E).  Here's how it went:

J:  I don’t know how I’m ever going to walk from the bus to the first grade hall.  It’s sooooo far!

E: Don’t you know that if you ever have to walk really, Really, REALLY far, you just try skipping?  It helps.

Solid advice.

There’s no clearer picture of happiness than skipping.  How can you feel blue and simultaneously propel yourself in the air and move forward at twice the speed of walking?  It’s actually difficult to watch someone skip and NOT smile.  Even more, it’s difficult to SKIP yourself and not smile.

At what age does it become uncool to skip?  It works for the seven-year-old, but not for the 40-year-old?   When was the last time you saw two businessmen skipping through downtown on the way to a big meeting?

I know.  Never, right? So sad.

Where’s the line that moves it out of the realm of acceptable behavior? At what age do we have to act like big kids?

Time to turn over a new leaf.  I’d love for people to say, “ Did you see that ‘professional woman’ skipping through the airport?" Or perhaps they'll comment if I skip through the mall during after-Christmas sales!

I love the concept, but I really only skip when the short people are with me.

Time for that to change.

I am convinced that play is one of the healthiest things you can do, and so I will lean into skipping.

I will look for chances to be silly.

I will laugh often.

I will be a joy to people.

I want to do this so that I can remember how I lived as a child.   I want to remind my kids to skip a little every day of their lives. I’m betting they’ll feel better from the exercise and will  have a ball putting a smile on other people’s faces.

Plus after the meals this week, I could use the exercise!