Can You Make Sense of This?


UPDATED!  SEE THE ANSWER AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POST!!! Happy Wednesday (aka "Hump Day")!  You're halfway through the week and, if you're like me, your brain might be getting a tad fatigued.  Not to worry - I've got just the thing to mull over that's not as squishy as checking Facebook, but not as demanding as the New York Times crossword puzzle.

If you've never seen this and you happen to be a grammar geek (you know who you are), try this challenge on for size:

Punctuate this string of words so they make sense. (All you'll need to use is general punctuation... periods, commas, and question marks. Nothing fancy.)

that that is is that that is not is not is that it it is

Reply in the comments below  (If you've played this game with me before, don't spoil the fun!  Allow others to work through the problem.  Also, no Googling the answer allowed!)

If you don't feel like playing, feel free to tell me how slopping it is to use "it" and "that" so frequently (if at all) in my writing.  THAT will definitely show your grammar geekness!!

Have a terrific day. Check back later for the answer!

Here's the answer:   That that is, is.  That that is not, is not.  Is that it?  It is!