Bumper Sticker Wisdom: Hospitality

Cooking Love Language
Cooking Love Language

Before twitter, the best one-liners were always on bumper stickers. Actually, the best one-liners are STILL on bumper stickers.

If you ever wonder why I write so much about cooking and eating out, it's because food is one of my Love Languages. All right, maybe food isn't an "official" love language as per the book, but it SHOULD be.

When I'm laboring over my salsa, homemade taco shells, or researching THE BEST place to eat in town, what I'm really telling the people I'm hosting or the man I'm dating (who, conveniently, is my husband) is that I love them. I'm saying, "I love you by making/finding you tasty food."

If you're not a food person, this sounds like Greek to you.  That's fine. I hope  you'll still get the gist of what I'm saying.

And, more on point and linked to the title of this post, I think there are only two rules to being a great host:

    1. Have fun.
    2. Have plenty of tasty food.

That's it.

Your company won't have fun if YOU aren't having fun. So don't worry about the dust bunnies in the corner or the mess the dog made JUST outside the back door. Laugh it off and serve some chips and bean dip.

Everyone will soon forget any housekeeping lapses.

Trust me. Try it and see for yourself.

"Love people and serve them tasty food."  This wisdom is worth any traffic jam!