Bumper Sticker Wisdom: Choices

I don’t put bumper stickers on my car because I’m afraid once I start I’ll have no natural stopping point (like this guy).  However, I SO appreciate those people who DO decide to chat with me via their cars' derrieres! My favorites are unusual, funny, or make me think “YES!” or ‘huh?!’

Such was the case when I was traveling behind this beauty.

Since I don’t know precisely what the driver was trying to communicate, I get to draw my own conclusion, and, in this instance, my interpretation made me happy (funny how that works!).

The wisdom of this bumper is when given the choice between the complex and the simple, opt for simple.  Luxury, even as a citizen of Rome, doesn't hold a candle to the life of a surfer.

Sure, most of us don’t live on either end of the chariot/surfboard spectrum, but we DO make daily decisions about what to buy or discard; we chose to add complexities and drama or we simplify and let go.

As you move into a weekend, day, hour, moment of rest, consider what kind of transportation you want – fancy or simple – and if you opt for simple, make sure your decisions to "do more" are helping you reach your goal.