Be The Difference Today


Think about the people who encourage you most.

They are the people who ask follow-up questions, send a thoughtful text, or make a well-timed visit.

The efforts don't have to be grand, even the small things are noticed and appreciated.

What is it about those people who routinely make a positive difference in your life?  Make a mental check list and chances are you'll see themes around the time they give you, the words they use, and the effort they make to let you know you are valuable, that you are enough.

This week give back just a little of what's been given to you.  Start each day by making a little effort to encourage someone around you. Send a text message, drop an email, pick up some flowers or buy a cup of coffee.  Just be intentional in noticing and encouraging someone else.

Consider picking someone from assorted areas of your life.  Perhaps a:

Childhood friend

College roommate

Work colleague


Family member

Person who serves you

Your spouse

or even a stranger

Don't over-think it.  Just DO something, anything to blow some wind into someone's sails.

You can be the difference in making someone's day!