Are you ready to face reality?

“[Reality] is not neat, not obvious, not what you expect.”C.S. Lewis

cats cradle
cats cradle

This week, even today won't be what you expect.

Something, perhaps many things, won't go as you planned.

The toilet will overflow.You tire will be flat.The child will get sick.You'll get a blister.The dog will destroy something.The IRS will send you a note.You'll add too much salt to a dish.A friend will be unkind.Your spouse will misunderstand you.The deal will fall through.You will forget something important.The scale won't cooperate.Social media posts will be inane.You'll spill soy sauce on your new white shirt.The "good guys" will lose.Your will-power will fail.It's going to be too hot or too cold; too wet or too dry.

Life is always messy.

If you're an optimist, the messes will surprise you. If you're a pessimist, you'll be sorry you're right again.

If you have a pulse, you'll be annoyed.

Still, the main question is... Are you ready to shift?

Can you figure out how to act as though you're more patient than you feel? Can you fake a smile, squeeze out a kind word or, at least, withhold the negative?

Can you dig deep and take on the challenges with a sense of humor and expectation that no one promised you a smooth road?

I think you have it in you. I certainly hope I have it in me.