Are Legos For The Birds?

We've become big Lego fans around our house, but no one loves these ever-changing blocks more than our son Josh.  He found the video below and wants to write today's post! This is a video about a man who made some amazing British birds out of Legos. I thought that these were very impressive and I wanted to share it.

Enjoy :)

Well Josh, that's pretty cool, but I'd love to hear a little bit more of why you think Legos are so amazing.

I like Legos so much because they are fun mechanical toys that let your imagination run wild.

What has been your most favorite Lego set you've ever made?

I love all the Lego sets I have, but I have to say my favorite one is The Hobbit the Lonely Mountain. (see below!)


If you could design or build one life-size Lego, what would it be?

I would enjoy building a life-size Lego roller coaster!

Tell people what a Lego competition is and why you like it?

A Lego competition is when you are given a Lego set and you try and build it as fast as you can. If your set is accurate and you qualified in the top six, then you move onto the next round. In the final round you have 15 minutes to build a large set. The person who gets the farthest and is accurate, then you win Lego gift cards.

Pretty simple. :)


There you have it!! Josh Phenix, guest blogger!! 

If you'd like to see any of his custom Lego work, check out the "Wipeout Zone" he built here.