Aiming low to get high

“Every day one should at least hear one little song, read one good poem,see one fine painting and -- if at all possible -- speak a few sensible words.” Goethe


I hope your weekend was as spectacular as mine. Abundant sunshine, minimal pollen, a Saturday nap, a date night,  family and friends nearby - I wouldn't dare wish for more.

The challenge, of course, is to come out of a restful time and keep the perspective on the important things, not just the demanding ones; to speak love into those who are hurting and bring joy into the world through our behavior.

I love the Goethe quote above because if you look closely, the ideas are just what we need for the week. His thoughts touch on most of the senses. The words remind me to fill my ears with music which delights, to stimulate my mind with words which matter, to seek images for my mind which inspire and, of course, to use my mouth wisely.

(Yes. I noticed he missed taste and touch in his list, but I never suffer for inspiration there.)

With our senses so wisely and completely attune to what's good in the world, the overflow should be that which brings life to others.  And so, in the spirit of  the pre-flight safety announcements where the airlines advise passengers to "put your own mask on before assisting others," find ways to soak in and enjoy a few little things today.

Listen to a favorite song.

Read one good poem.

Find one inspiring image

Taste something delightful.

Give someone a hug.

And, of course, use sensible words.