Three Life Lessons From A Sister


I bet my sister is cooler than yours.No, really.

My sister Amy is awesome.

In fact, she’s amazing in so many ways, I’m afraid if I get started on a list, I won’t know where to stop.

But since not everyone has a sister, and not every sister is the greatest thing since Instagram, I won’t tackle my list. Instead, I want to share the  top three life lessons Amy impresses on me. If you DO have a fabulous sister, I’m betting you’ve learned at least ONE of these as well.

1. Be a great audience

“Of two sisters one is always the watcher, one the dancer.”   - Louise Gluck


Amy is the classic middle child -  the peacemaker, the “sweet” one.  The adjective “sweet” never applied to my brother or me, but always seemed to be linked to Amy. She loves being the audience, cheering on others.

Maybe your sister wasn’t the audience, maybe that was YOUR role. Everyone needs a champion; someone who thinks they’re terrific (even when they’re learning!).

2. Show up

“Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other." - Carol Saline


When the boyfriend breaks your heart, you’re locked out of the house, or your baby has croup at 3 in the morning, the person who will ALWAYS answer the phone is your sister. She understands the desperate, my-world-is-caving-in tone of voice and won’t panic.  She’ll listen, reason, or slap you upside the head depending on what the situation requires.

How does she always know what the situation requires?

I’m not sure.  It’s part of her awesomeness. I’m just thankful she does!

3. Serve

" 'Help one another,' is part of the religion of sisterhood."  - Louisa May Alcott


A sister who loves well, understands selflessness.  No one in my life embodies the nobility of service better than Amy.  “How can I help?” is the motto of her life and she’s taught me not to just say helpful things, but to DO helpful things.

The final lesson, is sisters can’t ever seem to be left alone. I don’t know when we last took a photo-bomb-free picture together! Shhhhesh!!!

Happy Birthday Amy!!