A Quality Man

"With mirth and laughter, let old wrinkles come." William Shakespeare


My husband has his share of quirks.

He likes to stop the gas pump on even numbers. He grew up putting sugar on his grits.

He measures twice and cuts once. He reads instruction manuals for things he owns. He hates artichokes and asparagus, but is otherwise up for almost any other food.

He likes to stuff things into other things. (Labels go into bottles, socks go into shoes, napkins go into dinner drinks, etc.) He watches sporting events without uttering a word (let alone a cheer) and… He thinks “BBQ” should be used only when there’s BBQ sauce involved, not when you merely cook on the grill (whatevah).

He has no notable hobbies, unless you count “fixing things.” Billy is known for fixing stuff. I think it’s something he learned in architecture school.

He is whip smart, hilarious, and never resorts to being mean. He can quote every line from The Breakfast Club, and I suspect he still has Beastie Boys lyrics stuck in his head from the 80’s. He thinks you should watch Star Wars and begin with Episode IV (duh).

You’ll eventually learn these things if you hang out him, but his quirks won’t leave much of an impression. In fact, his small idiosyncrasies fade away when you spend time with him because he’s more than a fun quirky guy, he’s a Quality Man.

Capital Q, Quality.

If you know Billy, you know I speak truth.

I am beyond thrilled he was born this day some forty some odd years ago. Happy Birthday, sweet love of mine.

Also, before I forget - Billy, if you're reading this, I broke the pool sweep yesterday. Think you could take a look at it?