A New Dining List


"Laughter is better where the food is best."Irish Proverb

I am down to the dregs of the Creative Loafing's 100 Best Dish List.

I mean this as no insult to the dishes I haven't tried, but what remains on my list are generally what I categorize as "high maintenance" dishes.  To wit:

  • Salted caramel and bacon donut @ Revolution Donuts - always seems to be sold out
  • Chef's breakfast @ One Ear Stag - a Sunday brunch item and I can't really do Sunday brunch
  • Fried Chicken @ Watershed - Wednesday nights only.  Why so exclusive?
  • Salt and pepper Georgia shrimp @ Octopus Bar - This restaurant doesn't OPEN until 10:30 PM which is WAY past my bedtime!
  • Veal Brains @ Holeman & Finch and Red velvet cupcake milkshake @ Delia's Chicken Sausage Stand - both will require that I have better control of my gag reflex.  I can't seem to muster the appetite for either.

You get the idea.

That said, there are just 8 items I need to sample to close off this list.  It has been a wonderful, inspiring, fun-filled adventure.  If the past is predictive of a pattern, Creative Loafing will come out with a new list in May of 2015 - almost 8 months from now.

What am I to do?

I am in the process of writing a list of my own (and will work to have NO high-maintenance included), but in the meantime, I think it would be great to get some ideas from YOU, dear readers.

For instance, my friend Lindsay insists the octopus at Bucca Lupo is divine.  Another friend swears the Brussels Sprouts at Teds are worth sucking up what it usually not my favorite spot.

And so, I would LOVE to hear from you Atlanta friends, the answer to this question: What is the best dish in Atlanta.

I need specifics.

Don't tell me "everything" is good at ______ (fill in the blank).

Don't give me multiple items from one restaurant.

Pick. The. Best.

For instance, I think the popovers at BLT Steak are worth a spot on my list.  I also rank the strawberry lemonade at Henris as the best thing at that venue.  I believe the fried chicken at The Bishop will change your life.

What do you think?

Leave a comment on this page. Email me. Tweet. Instagram. Facebook. Text. Call. Carrier Pigeon.

Just let me know what I need to hunt down and eat!