A Great Wish...

I wish someone had told me... How would you finish that statement?

For instance, I wish someone had told me no matter how much I hate a picture of myself, eventually I would like it.  In fact, now I view my younger self less critically and even feel nostalgic.

For instance, I always hated this picture.

Image 1
Image 1

My skirt is ballooned, my hair is a mess and the shirt screams "ugly 90's." What was I doing with my hand? Could I have worn my belt any tighter? Was there a charm on that wimpy necklace?

A sleeveless turtleneck?  Really?

I tossed tons of pictures similar to this one because I was hyper-critical.  Now I don't even notice the skirt, the hair doesn't bother me, and the shirt, well, I need time to find the nostalgia on that decision.

Now I see more in the picture than I ever could have imagined; a great career adventure, a naive youth, a historic skyline.  I'm glad I didn't throw this one away.

Don't we all have things we waited too long to learn?

I also wish someone had told me how delicious sweet potatoes could be when no marshmallows or brown sugar are involved.

What do you wish someone had told you?