49 of Life’s Most Under-Rated Pleasures

This morning I boiled an egg. I do this many mornings, but today when I peeled the egg, after a firm crack against the counter, the shell easily peeled off in 3-4 pieces leaving only the glistening white behind. Gorgeous!

The experience reminded me of dog efficiently shaking water off his coat; it was a joy to watch.

I stopped and showed my husband the egg and, since he often peels eggs and takes chunks of white off in the process, he properly admired the accomplishment.

Perhaps this sounds odd. Maybe you’re more difficult to impress, but after some thought, I realize there’s oodles of under-rated pleasures in life. In fact, with little effort, I’ve started a list of my own.

This list isn’t the major, obvious things for which I am grateful (my family, health, or home) or even the “duh” things for which everyone is grateful (warm cookies, the cool side of the pillow, or broken-in cowboy boots), but the more random things which put a little pep in my step.

See if any of these are on YOUR list:

  1. A deep, head-to-toe, stretching yawn
  2. Cinnamon & Sugar evenly melting into toast
  3. A clean golf ball
  4. Knowing the answer to a question
  5. A ripe avocado
  6. Freeing a popcorn kernel from between your teeth
  7. Finding a match for every sock in the laundry
  8. IMG_6439
  9. An accurate map
  10. A new bra
  11. Freshly cleaned teeth
  12. A great analogy
  13. Fluffy scrambled eggs
  14. Seeing a perfect double play
  15. IMG_3277
  16. A preheated charcoal grill (or egg!) that someone OTHER than me has prepared
  17. Finding a geo-cache
  18. A deep, loud burp
  19. Pens whose ink flows evenly
  20. Crisp chicken skin
  21. The person in front of you NOT putting their seat back
  22. IMG_9271
  23. Cleaning the hair from your brush and having it all come out in one piece
  24. And the corollary of the one above, having the dryer lint come out in one piece
  25. Camp fire smoke blowing away from you
  26. White pants that are still white at the end of the day
  27. Hearing your kids say please and/or thank you without a reminder
  28. IMG_5020
  29. “Butterfly kisses”
  30. Slivers of basil on anything
  31. Breaking a pocket on a starched shirt
  32. Having enough grocery bags when you go shopping
  33. A lasting pedicure
  34. Tide pens
  35. An apt word picture
  36. Having a gate ready when the plane arrives
  37. IMG_6408
  38. Balloons
  39. A non-stick pan that lives up to its name
  40. Having enough shampoo to finish the job when the bottle runs out
  41. Fresh butter
  42. IMG_6395
  43. Sorting Lego pieces
  44. A satisfying book ending
  45. Cracking open a peanut and dropping the shell on the ground
  46. A well-timed phone call
  47. IMG_8646
  48. When you peel a “cutie” in one piece
  49. An email that says, "disregard my earlier request, it’s been handled"
  50. Finding the “missing” puzzle piece
  51. IMG_1302
  52. A dog that plays “fetch”
  53. When there’s no mistake in your/you’re, it/it’s, there/their in what I’m reading
  54. Watermelon Jolly Ranchers
  55. Stretching
  56. IMG_9501
  57. A fully charged cell phone
  58. When the middle of the book is the end of the middle chapter and the middle page numbers (I really like when this happens! Am I alone?)

I realize my list is uneven, so what should be #50?

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