39 Wins - The Under-Achiever's Bucket List

These days it seems people are always talking about "bucket lists." These are lists which contain a dozen (or two?) life-long dreams, or "things to do before I die."   Sometimes they are ambitious: run my own company. Sometimes they are audacious: make a ding in the universe. Frequently they are challenging: run a marathon. Often they relate to travel: visit every continent.

And, almost always, they are sincere and earnest.

Although I'll tackle eating and reading lists, I've never conjured up the energy to make a sincere bucket list. In fact, the list of "wins" and things that make me do a little victory dance are embarrassingly mundane.

Still, my list is mostly achievable (#27 being the notable exception), and, as a result, I find joy in my under-achieving bucket list.

See if any of these register with you!

1.  Finding my phone fully charged (and remembering to bring it when I leave the house!)


2.  Meeting someone who shares my name. (WHAT? I'm Joy TOO!!)

3.  Driving to or from work without stopping for a single signal.

4.  Pouring a soda perfectly to the top.

5.  Seeing my favorite Baristas - Helen, Kim, or Kaitlyn, at Starbucks in the morning.


6.  Drinking something (anything) through a vine of red licorice.

7.  Hearing the pop of air when opening a biscuit can (ditto for tennis balls!).

8.  Passing a police officer on the highway only to realize I'm going the speed limit.

9.  Snuggling into clean sheets.

10. Stopping a gas pump on an even number.


11. Consuming In-N-Out #1, protein and animal style with a side of fries and an Arnold Palmer.

12. Watching the odometer change to a big milestone.

13. Stepping on the scale and the number being LESS than expected.

14. Finding free WiFi.

15. Filling a cup with pellet ice.

16. Licking the cake batter from the beaters.


17. Hearing the car repairman say the problem was a fuse and will cost $20 to replace.

18. Thinking it's Thursday all day only to realize it's Friday.

19. Returning something at Nordstroms (they are SO nice about it).

20. Breaking my husband's pocket on his dry-cleaned shirt.


21. Seeing UCLA playing basketball in late March.

22. Scoring Kiehl's free samples.

23. Perfect timing at the bus stop.

24. Feeling my freshly cleaned teeth.


25. Having the grill ready just when I'm prepared.

26. Waking up at 6 and realizing it's Saturday.

27. Harmonizing well.

28. Remembering where I parked the car.

29. Flipping an omelet with courage AND success.

30. Finishing a crossword puzzle in the airplane magazine.

31. Eating Patty's stuffing at Thanksgiving.

32. Making my husband laugh OUT LOUD (and not just smile).

33. Ending the day with white pants still (mostly) white.

34. Keeping my toe nail polish un-chipped for more than a week!

35. Having the dog obey my "Drop it!" command.

36. Finding the cool spot on the pillow (and avoiding the warm spots in the pool).


37. Slicing a perfectly ripe avocado.

38. Scoring the front row parking spot.

39. Pushing "publish."

Do you have little things that make you do a victory dance? Please tell me I'm not alone out here !!!