27 Things You’ll Never Regret

"Never look back unless you are planning to go that way."Henry David Thoreau

I love stories with morals which tie up lessons neatly.

The modern cautionary tale is a staple of much of what I read.  Learn from others mistakes, avoid certain decisions in order to stay safe, healthy, and happy.  Don’t do 'x' or 'y' in order to avoid 'z.'  Great advice comes in the form of imagining regrets.

However, sometimes I need inspiration of things TO DO, not just ideas of what to avoid. And so, in the spirit of moving toward positive actions, here are a random assortment of behaviors which you’ll never regret.

1. Praising a co-worker for a job well-done


2. Rereading a favorite book

3. Telling your spouse they are attractive

4. Reminding your child you’re proud of them


5. Packing light

6. Using moisturizer


7. Having dinner as a family

8. Forgiving a grievance


9. Training your dog

10. Sweeping the floor


11. Buying more memory

12. Bringing a meal to a family


13. Applying sunscreen

14. Complimenting a server for excellent work


15. Visiting Montana

16. Writing an encouraging note to a friend

17. Stopping for gas


18. Wearing layers

19. Buying flowers


20. Reading the Bible

21. Sending a condolence note

22. Looking people in the eye


23. Eating a hot breakfast24. Going to the library

25. Showing patience


26. Using the grill

27. Writing it down

I told you they were random! What are things you never regret?