23 Items on the Work Bucket List


I love a well-organized to-do list. Sometimes I'll write something down just to have the pleasure of crossing it off the list.  That's normal, right? (Don't answer if not....)

Still, when the task list gets lengthy, it's easy to lose sight of the things that make the career path fun.  Yes. Work CAN be fun, but more like "taking a stroll on a pretty day" fun, not "bungy jumping in New Zealand" fun.

You get my point.

In any case, whether work's fun or satisfying or some other adjective, in order to recognize the "good times," you may need to remind yourself what success really looks like.  To do this, I made a list of the best parts of work and call it my "work bucket list"  because, quite honestly, I haven't come up with a better title.

Without further ado, here are the things that make me happy at the office!

  1. Sponsoring someone's promotion
  2. Launching a new idea
  3. Working in a different department
  4. Mentoring someone
  5. Understanding the technology I use
  6. Shaping the culture (even a little bit!)
  7. Practicing transparency
  8. Trusting people
  9. Engaging in tough conversations
  10. Exercising creativity
  11. Calling more than emailing
  12. Putting people ahead of work
  13. Working hard when no one's watching
  14. Adding paper to the printer/copier
  15. Making friends in accounting
  16. Expecting challenges - finding them - moving toward them
  17. Questioning processes
  18. Pulling off a nice, but clever office prank
  19. Finding and pushing the line between professional and fun
  20. Trading earnestness for adventure
  21. Celebrating what others do
  22. Under-promising and over-delivering
  23. Knowing the best places to eat lunch

I hope you weren't expecting profound.

What's on your list?