13 Reasons Why I Love The Internet


Sometimes the internet makes me so so happy. Before you think I've lost my mind, I will acknowledge all of the standard negatives.

We spend too much time staring at screens.Online information is often inaccurate and unchecked.Gossip and slander are unfettered by any common decency.Privacy?  What privacy?!

Oh I understand the negatives.

But still, there is so much good to be had if you're looking for it.

Sure, you can check your bank balance, order a pizza, and know the weather forecast 24/7 (see, I TOLD you I was aging!), but I can't say those things solved huge problems for me.

No, I love the assorted solutions the internet gives for problems I didn't even know I had!  I asked a few of my friends if they felt the same way and was pleased to discover I am not alone.

In fact, here's an assortment of their "loves":

    1. The internet never gets grossed out when I ask it things like: "is it normal for a baby to poop 8 times a day for a week straight?"
    2. UBER!!!  I don't have to trust that my car is "right around the corner" when it's really across town!
    3. I never have to pay it a copay when I have questions minor enough to warrant an internet search for something I'd have to go into the doctor for if I called to ask the nurse a question.
    4. I used to wonder about these weird blisters on my feet....
    5. Am I becoming a hypochondriac?   "Am I having a heart attack or is it just gas?"
    6. The internet makes me smarter:  "What does flummoxedmean?"
    7. From my friend with twins: I can buy 70 jars of baby food, 306 diapers, vacuum bags, laundry detergent,  and deodorant all at once and not worry about lugging the baby items around a store and/or holding up the line at Target while people gawk and/or roll their eyes at my one-week supply of baby food -- thank you, Amazon Prime.
    8. Cat videosreally are amazing.
    9. There's no judgment when I buy tan towels (yep, like from the infomercials...yes, I use them) - This contribution shall remain anonymous : )
    10. Connections -- Facetime instantly made life on the road 1,000 times better.
    11. You can end factual arguments with a quick trip into googleland!
    12. On Demand television.  Absolutely the greatest thing since sliced bread!
    13. MOST important, the non-stop creativity is awe-inspiring.  For instance...

Exhibit A

keynote scarf copy
keynote scarf copy

And then, Exhibit BYes, Twitter deserves its own tribute, but you already know how I feel about Twitter.

Why do you love the internet (pretend you do, even if you don't!)?


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