10 Tips for Innovative Problem Solving

For the last couple of days the golf world has been flying around a video that shows golf pro Sergio Garcia make a remarkable shot. Oops - pardon the typo. Mr. Garcia makes A Remarkable Shot! Seriously amazing. Even if you're not a golf fan, you'll marvel at what this guy did so he didn't have to take a penalty stroke.

Although Garcia's efforts border on ridiculous, since it all works out, he ends up having the last laugh. (Plus, the golf commentators end up sounding like the real clowns as they try and fill time!!)

When I watched Sergio's approach, I couldn't help but see several lessons which could translate to many problems we face. See if some of these make sense as you order your world:

  1. He bends, but doesn't break the rules.
  2. He doesn't let the crowd make him impatient.
  3. He thinks creatively.
  4. He has more ideas that won't work than ideas that will.
  5. He doesn't let the situation dissuade him from taking a risk.
  6. He isn't afraid of getting dirty.
  7. He doesn't care that others wouldn't play the ball this way.
  8. He takes the swing outside of his comfort zone.
  9. He doesn't waste time getting mad.
  10. He persists regardless of how dire the situation appears.

Watch the video and see for yourself.  It's a tad long (he isn't going to be rushed!!). When you lose interest in the climbing around part, forward the video around 3:00 and just watch the last 50 seconds.

So when you're feeling discouraged by the "lie" of your circumstances, think creatively, don't give up, and never be afraid to go out on a limb.