10 Lessons From The Irish

I have a handful of Irish friends who have had a big influence on my perspective on life. I don't mean friends who are a "little" Irish, but who are full-on, dyed-in-the-wool Irishmen/women. These are the friends who know the name of their home town on the Emerald Isle, can sing the harmony for Danny Boy, and attend Feis. I've spent a good bit of my career laughing and hanging with these friends and their outlook on life is worth noting!

Roll with it.


Life is too short to ask, "Why me?" If you're going to enjoy yourself, roll with whatever life throws your way! This includes inappropriate gifts, bad jokes, and office pranks.

Protect your skin.


Sunscreen, shades, and skin checks. I've never had a group of friends who are so religious about their dermatologist appointments. 

Bring your "A game."


Take pride in your work and even more pride in your golf swing. And if you're "smokin' hot," don't be afraid to own it!

Look Good!


Maggie McClure is one of the most elegant people I've known. (She's married to Stanley, of the "why is the booby prize" fame.) Maybe it's the brogue, but even her angry words sound elegant.

Accept people as you find them.


When you're a true friend, you don't worry about the quirks of the other person; you take people at face value and enjoy them just the way they are. (80's styles and all!)

Love your kids.


Nothing like the "wee ones." Absolutely no bigger blessing, so make a fuss out of them!


dk stormtrooper
dk stormtrooper

Laugh when you mean it and when you don't. Laugh in awkward situations and, of course, through your tears. There's no better approach to life than to find humor in everything.

Marry well.

Of course, this is a good principle for all of us. You better find a spouse who is ready for some serious shenanigans, or neither of you will be happy!

 Embrace America.


Just because you're heart's in Ireland, enjoy your life here!


Bring along your family and friends and make everyone wish they were Irish!


What have you learned from your Irish friends? Celebrate them today.

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